Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 7: A Large Class & Interactive Power Point

Week 7 is over again and I have learned two interesting things in my teaching. Teaching in a large class is one of challenging thing to do as a teacher. I can’t imagine how I can manage my lesson if I have 200 students. Yes, I don’t think I can have an interactive with my students and I think it will be one way communication in class that is only me to the students. Well, it is good for me that the large class I have only about 85 students in one hour. This week showed how to integrate technology into classroom and help classroom more interactive. Using interactive power point helps teacher a lot in their classroom. As for me I know how to create it in a simple way and I just have known that it is much more to play with it and help my lesson not boring. I learned about Jeopardy Games from this site ( I am still trying to do it) and this site for using PowerPoint to make an interactive story . The Top 10 Slide Tips - basic information about making a better presentation from this site

Even though I don’t teach in a large class but technology and tools I have learned this week is really benefit for teaching English in a small class as well.


  1. Dear Garunyawun,

    FYI, 85 students *is* a large class! I'd agree that the tools and techniques from this week will work in a class that size and even one that most people think of a small class, like 15-20.


  2. Dear Deborah,

    Thank you for your comment ;o)
    I tried to create a live link on my blog and tried to highlight the link as you have told me on my blog last week but it's still not working.


  3. Dear Garunyawun ,

    I agree with Deborah that 85 students it's a large class... I also consider 30 students to be a large class. My "perfect" class consists of no more than 15 students. Like that, I can make sure all of them are involved and they really learn. However, we have learned from some techniques which we can apply and our large classes work, as they have some advantages.

    As for integrating the video, once I had the same problem. My solution is this one: In the blog I go to settings then to Global Settings - Select post editor. There I check "Old editor" and it allows you embed the video. The new editor does not allow you to embed it, as the size is different and it's quite difficult to change this )only advanced users can do it).

    Hope you can do it!