Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 2: Search Engines and ABCD Model

This week is more difficult for me to discuss about search engines and ABCD Model for writing objectives. I found is very interesting and a lot more for searching engines to help me find things are easier and more options to do. I have thought that Google is a magic website to search for anything I want to know but now my eyes are opened widely and learned some new things from the discussion on Nicenet this week. I actually cannot recmommend any wedsites to the others but I have learned from their sharing instead. It is really great, isn't it?

"What is ABCD Model or Method?" I asked myself since I have never heard about it before. After reading Ruslana's post and following her suggestion to this link It helped me understand that the four aspects of ABCD Model are Audience-Behavior-Condition-Degree. I also tried to get some excellent ideas from our participants to help me finish this task. Finally I am done with this task and I still need comments from our partners. I realize how ABCD MOdel can help students provoke their learning and help me improve the way to write objective and activities preparing for my students, making my lesson more interesting.

Well, I think everything is going to be clear from me after 2 weeks passed.


  1. Hello!

    I have read your post very carefully and I would like to share the opinion about the ABCD model. I also consider it very helpful for our lessons: I feel that everything becomes clear, I feel that it's very important to use it in our lesson planning and start by the audience - the most important point of our teaching. It's also important to take into account their attitude and behavior. Now, I can make a clear difference between the objectives I used to write before (focused mainly on what I wanted my students to know), but without taking into account the A B C D elements.

    I like the colors of your posts, Pinky :)

    May success attend you and good luck!

  2. Hello, Pinky (yer, this name is really easier to spell, and the colour of your blog is soooo pink...Nice)!
    THank you for mention me at your blog, I don't know much, but I am always ready to help!

    And besides, now ABCD is not so unknown for all us as it was last week!

    Best wishes from Ukraine
    Ruslana Shamanska